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33 Ninja Tips for Optimal WordPress Happiness

NinjaYou want to run an optimal WordPress site. You want to have your plugins all working for you. You want your theme to be quick and efficient, and your database to be clean and fast. How do we get there?

This post will cover some tips and procedures that I’ve learned over the past several years in using WordPress with dozens of client sites. With careful work, you can make an optimal WordPress configuration and make a site that is a joy to work with. Let’s discover optimal WordPress happiness.

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WordPress Revealed: Half-Day Seminar, January 26

WordPress logoLearn WordPress with an in-depth look at the main features, files, and plugins. Learn how to make WordPress to work for you.

We will cover 4 main topic areas:

1. Build it: Learn to install, configure, style and extend your WordPress site using best practices.

2. Modify it: Choosing a theme and modifying it to your preferences.

3. Maintain it: Learn how to update content and plugins for the latest trends in social, mobile and security.

4. Optimize it: Learn to optimize your site for SEO and to keep it running fast on even the slowest, cheapest web hosts.

Delicious hot lunch (Dominos Pizza) and snacks (soda/chips/cookies) will be served.

Presented by Tony Cecala, Ph.D. WordPress consultant, meetup organizer, and web developer.

Seminar: 9AM-1:00PM.
Lunch 1PM-2PM.
Meetup Presentation, 2PM-4PM.
Only $49 (and includes Meetup registration of $10)

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10 Essential WordPress Plugins (and How to Configure Them)

A. Introduction to WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins are like candy. Once you taste one, you want more. I like to use WordPress Plugins to make my clients WordPress sites more functional, more capable, and more connected. Plugins, of course, habe their downsides, they can slow down your website, they can be incompatible with future versions of WordPress and they can be just plain buggy. Despite these downfalls, I believe that plugins will make your life easier. The trick of course is to just eat…I mean install…only those that you understand and can manage.


  • installing plugins is fun and easy
  • it’s easy to go overboard with plugins
  • install only the plugins you trust, understand, and can configure

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