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DFWWP:CONNECT at Improving Enterprises. Get Your Google Authorship Done Right.

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Spend the afternoon eating pizza, drinking coffee, and co-working with the most talented internet professionals in the Metroplex.

Welcome to the very first DFWWP:CONNECT
February’s Meetup is a come-and-go, bring a laptop, visit the WordPress Genius Bar, pair up with a partner, fix up site problems event.

Google Authorship

This session’s focus is Google Authorship, why it matters, how to do it. Google Author and Google Publisher are ways to TAG your web pages and web site so that Google knows that you are the real author. Google ties that to your Google+ account and uses it to detetermine Author Rank. This will enable others to see your photo in the Google results next to the pages that you author.

(See this Copyblogger article for an overview.)

Tony will give a 10 minute overview of this topic and then we will get to work and everyone will help everyone to make sure they have a valid Google+ account, and a nice author photo (we will have cameras, nice backdrops, and semi-pro photographers in attendance).

We will help you install the necessary plugins for making the link between your Google+ Profile and your site.

There will be a Genius Bar so you can ask other questions and get help.

You will meet other small business owners and you will be able to network and grow your business with the tools that are introduced.

Thanks to Robert Riggs for taking this time-lapse video of the first 24 minutes of the event.


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